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his work acceptably. On the whole, Mr. Harrison's treatise should meet

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ugly colts is by the use of the knee strap. It is especially good

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lege for Graduates in Medicine. i2mo, volume of 535 pages, with 178 illus-

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half sextarius of wine ; administer one a day to drink ;

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Assam, following the hues of human intercommunication, Giles

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that there is a time in the life history of every cancer of the breast

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and disintegrates, uneven ulcers form, surrounded by a medullary in-

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pain rapidly subsided and the joints remained painless in all

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as is evinced by spasms and irregularity in their contrac-

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forms of protoplasm, which get studded with minute refractive molecules,

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in many cases, which then terminate fatally by asphyxia, as in the pre-

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Col. Herbert Innes Pocock, C.M.G., is placed on retired pay, dated June 2, 1918.

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The tumour removed is perfectly bare of coverings, and measures

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sion of air from the portion of lung lying over the apex during its systolic

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may be done instead of tracheotomy. Bryant recommends the

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must be in writing or else there can be no recovery. But if this

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femal«>,s. I positively believe that the application of calomel and the

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The symptoms were very like the onset of pneumonia, and

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a member of the pseudodiphtheria group. After death the

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eased or enlarged tonsils will be found of decided advantage

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charm of novelty to many, and is worthy of considera-

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tic compound with free lecithin, that the activating property of

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conscious of its frail and uncertain tenure, laughs at medicine,

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repelling the eruption. The wet pack acts efficiently as a sedative and

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although they can give no idea of the various meetings

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flat board about three feet in length and from eight to ten inches

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pounds are mercury bichloride and resorcin, for their

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author left it open to discussion liow this position was acquired — whether as the

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schools are not alone to blame that students are admitted by them, and, after

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later in life than is the case with the uterine fibromyomata.

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epidemic itself. It must not be forgotten that many

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After a further ten months of regular periods, the menses ceased, and

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