Soloxine Versus Levothyroxine

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muscles of the lips are affected next after the tongue. The first thing the

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Natural Philosophy as voluntary subjects. Matriculation examinations

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candidates are admitted to examinations for license to practice. The requirements in

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be associated in various ways with other symptoms (lead colic, lead enceph-

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they shall not be thereby entitled to any of the priyileges of a

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our definite knowledge of the diseases of mankind, and if the increasing fre-

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M., Tu., W., Th., 8:00; laboratory: sec. a, F., 8:00-12:00; sec. b, F., 1:30-5:30

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and thus is irritated mechanically. As a result of this, there is a reflex plantar

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£23 2s. Second summer session — ^Materia Medica and Therapeutics,.

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Julian, Ormand Clinkinbeard, s, a, Chicago. S.B. '34.

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Olentine, Julie Etta, a, w, sp, Oak Park. S.B. (Northeastern State Teachers C.) '36.

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prbticiency this task, but we will take a short while to become ac-

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the end of the winter session to a second year's student for Anatomy

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Coccygodynia is the name of a form of severe pain in the coccygeal region,

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a marked clouding of consciousness, and in the severe forms morbid al-

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pened, or it is very imperfect. On careful investigation we often find that the

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.-tudv questions are f.^und tnroughout the Text to' help assure you that

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levothroid is used to treat hyp

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which the Greek language enters as a compulsory subject." The fee

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desk and apparatus. Greneral Oliemistiy and Qnalitatiye Analysis are

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If left to himself, as is so often the case in large institutions, the patient tends

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Parke's "Practical Hygiene;" Practical Anatomy — Heath, Ellis;

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grammatical and other questions arising ont of the passages set ; one

soloxine versus levothyroxine

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