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whilst they rest tail to wall. It is seldom found on leaves floating

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turbid. In 37 cases, the brain was oedematous and congested. The brain

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effort possible to hold the Annual Meeting in 1979 in

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Han et at. reported salmonella infection of the pleural

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Resolution #18, from the 1977 House of Delegates, called

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of salicylates, antipyrin, and the like in this disease, is very

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the D.W. gradually. (9) Dilute this stock suspension for use.

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Sect. 32. The fluid found in the lymphatic vessels, cominjij

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enveloping white lymph, and showed that the different de-

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tion of oxygen by the blood and the consequent brightening of its colour.

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digitalis. The boy remained in the wards about two months,

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On February 17 the urine quite suddenly became almost

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examples of the disease the limitation of the range of extension at the metatarso-

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group of mutual funds by one sponsor or common trust funds

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inst., and ordered to the "Trenton," September 1st.

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that the obstruction in this case was in the large bowel, but

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Thomas (1910)'* discouraged the use of Mons' Mixture * for children,

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medulla by triturating in 1 c.c. 0'85 S.S.S. (3) Trephine a rabbit.

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^ On the Blood, pp. 76-7, ed. 1834. J Researches, ii, 86.

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1. Professional education and credentialling. Technical

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