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the nurse found the child dead. The autopsy revealed a greenish
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the needle, and, by rubbing it over the broken margin, a rough crepitus
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per cent, of the whole number admitted were under ten years of age.
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is simple, that, in general, substances which are inju-
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can quite compare with this, which takes up the progress made in the
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show trailing hyphse and a rope of hyphee with lateral conidiophores; k, germinated conldlum where
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petent instructor under the same plan, would you take it?
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nomena incident to his own cases. The sum and substance of
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more perilous than itself. As regards the nature of the
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cocci, staphylococci and diplococci are constantly found
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side, body on the left. Tlie right crus cerebri is probably involved in lesion.
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exceedingly delicate and at the same time reliable, and enables us to
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Their studies in preparation for institute work, their confer-
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nical difficulties in its performance. The matter of
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resume his labors in the special vocation to which he
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tration of poor-relief, together with an improving local sanitary
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the labor and subsequently. The soiled personal and bed
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the bacteria to be found in the sputa in various pulmonary con-
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while the accumulation of the blood-discs and stagnation of the
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but had l)een sick months, emaciated to a skeleton,
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attendees — physicians, spouses and guests — are invited
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he found himself in a farm house, and then in the course of another
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so marked and the evidences of any organic changes so slight that
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From this it is easy to calculate that there is 0'98 of a grain of
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presei t in the United States, and I believe must lie im-
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as many as 10 pounds in that many days following an injec-
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ever of the aorta. I mention these two cases as showing that
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simple pyloric stenosis was made apd a plastic operation ad-
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sides, although two formed nearly a straight line ex-

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