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a committee of three be appointed to look into the matter, study it,

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and particularly of fresh foods, can be readily realized. Something in

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it or red serum, or both, exudes, especially on the mucous

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Dr. Quim, in speaking of "Purulent Ophthalmia of the Newborn" laid

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disease ; in 5 there was a severe cardiac trouble ; in 5 the

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now going on, the medical journals, for the past two

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ScHELLACH (1909). Arbeiten aus dem Kais. Gesundheitsamte.

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normal graph represented by the fine lines in Graph 1 is now

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lently contagious natiire of the disease, and conse-

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such as blood-poisoning, destruction of the bone, thrombus of the sinuses,

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don Edition. In one very handsome octavo volume, of 700 pages, with about 300 illus-

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and after a perfect cicatrization of the tuberculous ulcers

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On the face of a gently nurtured girl, the experienced eye may

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bent or extended by another person, or the body from being placed in any

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anatomical research, we find that the indurated nodules, which on palpation

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impairing the general health. Hence the discussion of amenorrhoea,

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W. Jarman. 8vo, 207 pages. Illustrated. Price, $2. 5a Pub-

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He was kept at least seven hours in the bath, during which time brandy was

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must hope that the interest manifested in these lectures means

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Examination of the case load of the medical DRGs is

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reading so valuable a work as the American Year Book. How many physicians

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Storrar and other members expressed their high appreciation

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experiments. 7. Inoculation experiments afford the surest means of determin-

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to the comparatively short time during which the experiment was

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and their tributaries. Later still, the hypertrophied ven-

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what elevated, but not markedly so. On November 11th, three weeks

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infectants should be used. Besides all these precau-

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the name Jadari, translated into XoifiiKi], i. e. the pestilential eruption, by the

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given to 2 hospitals in populous wards— the hospital of Enf an ts-

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on the same side. Therefore, in this case the diagnosis was

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chm*ch-yard had been assigned as a public burial-place, and it

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