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mented to a marked degree. He said he owned all the

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and then within a period of one minute, 60 c.c. of air were

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til the mass is comparatively divided. In the glutjei

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case particularly to correct any false impression I may have

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termine the lesion and, when no lesion can be found,

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ligent examination had been made, and to him is left

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sociated with its use, the fault had not lain with the

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position of dorsal flexion of the hand in injuries to the wrist and

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tients suffering from general paresis with specific

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w hich consists of an anterior lobe of epithelial ori-

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M. D., Late Assistant Master. Second Edition. London :

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banner of the antituberculosis crusade, associations have

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Dioxydiamidoarsenobenzols (606). Miinchener medizin-

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made in the casing, opposite to the point of great-

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evident that other data contributed to the estimate

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tomatology of the tumor is almost negative. Fie was

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must admit it is more correct. The revision and re-

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another ex.nctly only in one particular; they are inexplicable.

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stetrics, 1902, xlv, p. 453), reported the case of a

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cedure being perhaps justifiable, yet, undoubtedly,

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