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ditional expense of the cost of Compulsory Health Insurance?
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nizable. These are due to the enlargements of the mesenteric
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which had caused considerable pain. The tumor was found to be
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was taking. The result was in every way as satisfactory as in
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ure of this disease was the subject of an article "The Fourth Vene-
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whether or not license of appellant should be revoked for any of
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manner of responding and the character of the associations and
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administered another dose of quinine. In less than a half-hour the uter-
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ovum lay in the hsematocele, as large as a chestnut. The patient recovered.
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and strictures of the Eustachian tube. These are divisible into two classes —
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Social differentiations and the marriage state being in the hands
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carried out for a period of not less than one year.
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evacuated. For this purpose, and thereafter when necessary,
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gence of home treatment where the constant intervention of friends
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conservation and promotion of the health of the members. In Rus-
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tomy revealed a kinking of the sigmoid as shown in the illustration
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distinct at the second left intercostal space. It was also heard at the
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diarrhea, and that of a peculiar character. . . . The patient w^ill
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improved Caesarean operation, as shown by the recovery of this woman.
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frequently seen in fatty degeneration and in sclerosis of the coronary arteries,
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and large watery action, I give, if a-n adult, a hypodermic of
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rheumatism ; one aunt has had rheumatism, a second, exudative
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above all a check lesion-smear should always be examined in con-
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One of the inconveniences of an unscientific nomenclature is shown
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1 Aehhurst's International Encyclopaedia of Surgery, vol. iv. p. 349.
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neutral reaction, and having a taste at first sweet and then bitter and astrin-
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24. Menstrual flow excessive for 15 years. She came under my
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known. Choreic movements not noted when patient is lying down
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advice is to give ether with an open cone to minimize the dan-
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was applied. The wound was closed and a plaster cast applied from toes
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the lesion appeared to be in the conducting apparatus, and the author be-
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part are necessary. Topical medication is an important adjuvant
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the physician co-operates with Nature's revealed law of conserva-
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most serious attack came from a Frenchman, Jules Rochard, who col-

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