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take ten grains of salicylate of sodium four times a day.

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A few well-proved results of the action of energy in

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to take place. If from the size of the calculi their escape be impossible, the

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1914. Pepper, O. H. Perry, 945 Parks Run Lane, Villanova, Pa.

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chloric acid. The book will be read with much profit

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tives, iodide of potassium, and strychnia, with occasional

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that the patient is a " Hospital bird," and not particularly

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charge in gonorrhoea and leucorrhoea, and to arrest in-

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palm, which is much more often involved in early and late syphilis.

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leg to within a few inches of the knee. At the lower end

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ful euthanasia to an exhausted parturient. True, in times

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bose, and too frequently introduce extraneous matter ; but, at

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cases the lesion is progressive despite treatment, a limit is reached sooner or

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abdomen was full of the small intestines, and it was scarcely

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pended circulation. This is a typical example of' the cases, apparently good surgi-

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extent, in other countries. By German writers, however, this term is used

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has only one year, not four or eight, to accomplish his

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mation upon all matters connected with the health, diseases,

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curred in cases in which movements active and passive

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ordered an infusion of assafoetida to be given occasionally.

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D. Hayes Agnew, M.D., Lecturer on Anatomy, and Surgeon to

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register. He was engaged in the studies, but overlooked the fact that he should have regis-

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cover such a source of contamination in the majority of cases is no proof

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contusion, drowsiness and tremor: it mental contusion increases, discontinue Dyaiide' lor a

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head, chest, belly, and lower extremities : the two

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intelligence and in other respects, is such as to appear to the friends to afford

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sible in the form of spray, it seemed to me that it might be

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subjected to friction, causing rapid tissue change, and resisting dis-

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a marked sense of weariness and exhaustion, and of course in all cases of

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ments of deglutition, which is near the foot of the ascending frontal con-

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III. " Syringro-Cystadeiiom," L. Torok, Monaishefle f. praJct. Derm., vol. viii,

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tionary development. The centres last to be acquired are

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to the disappearance of pain or hyperesthesia of the af-

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