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especixklly pulmonary phthisis ; among the latter cirrhosis, lardaceous

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wards she got some of it ; and on the recurrence of the hsemorriiagey

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his remark, that after the removal of adeuoids the ton-

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incomplete, information having been afforded last year as well

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such a feverish thirst for rapid increase of population,

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reveille. These cases are eligible for discharge from the Army within

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and which it is therefore unnecessary for me to repeat

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Musgrave^o have reported a case of infection in a man to

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tened and firm, though somewhat elastic thickening of

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has published many articles stressing doctor-patient co-

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lioDwas rapid, the color was unusuallj' bright, and of 37 cases the buffy

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functional albuminurias, forming one of many types included

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these alveoli to the parent or primary tubule, as also the true alveoli, are lined

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riety of appearance in one and the selfsame mark. The following are

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Comparison of Results of Injection of Saliva and Sputum from Normal Individuals

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glands. Nominations for officers for the ensuing year

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less it is included in the foregoing statistic as "life force."

maximum dose of iv zofran

historical outline. The five books were respectively devoted to

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1887, n. s., xiv, 83-88. . Traitement chirurgical du

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' MUnchener medlcinische Wochenschrift, March 24, 1903.

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n-gie." He defines kefir as kumyss made from cows' milk, but says

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tone of the vascular system, (d) The vaso-motor cells in

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The first fact to be noticed in enumerating the symp-

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this supposed recuperative reaction after debility ; as if any cause, in

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6. The Effer\-escing Saline Bath (Nauheim Bath) and Resistance

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met with nearly twice as many in March and April as he did in January

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The Roentgen method is a very valuable aid in the diag-

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as a sequel, is sometimes a concomitant of the disease, giving rise to more

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quency upon extensor and flexor surfaces. The back and the

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