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culosis. Long before any physical signs are discoverable in the lungs
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internal viscera they proceed, but we cannot more than allude to them
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siege operations before Mooltan, the action of Soorujkhoond, the capture
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abscess, >^*? ; the treatment of severe club-foot,
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he makes. Similarly, the motor speech mechanisms in the brain
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fee was retained by the association ; and at Nottingham all the
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ment of St. Thomas's Hospital, carefully collected by Dr.
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belief in the person's insanity, they must of necessity send
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' I . .v'v -'»v^i «K 'vavi itsdif has been expelled that the patient can
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watch them grow and see three results: (i) A death-dealing force has
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tween the iDreviously described forms of glj^cosuria and that which
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tumors, these cases are accompanied by headaches and other signs of
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One aggravated patient referred to me from an inland dty foimd,
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Passing over the parasitic sporozoa which infest the muscles
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the 100 capsule was found in the wound and abscised.
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rights should regulate the whole. In short, a normal human nervous
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COLLiEK, Mayo. MB.. F.R.r.?. (London). A paper with Illustrative speci-
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becomes evident that cancer may occur in any part of the body, a fact
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whose medical history is much more recent. The incidence of both
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the whole time of the annual meeting with three subjects Y
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sure of arrest and punishment. He lilies to prick human
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and anxious. The foetal heart sounds could not be heard ;
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from medical officers of health, union officials, and others, of
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logical Society on March 11th. In none of the specimens
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Cobbespondents not answered are requested to look to the Notices to
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to small puckered masses, in which calcareous matter is deposited,
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sible the movements of the ribs by firmly strapping the whole affected
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that respect. In the case of a death in prison, the law made
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portiona of lung, if the disease were found scattered in
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case. To estimate, therefore, how long these compensaticHis will
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*«* In forwarding books the publishers are requested to st&te the
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in the act of swallowing. In these cases the arm is usually more para-
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after intervals of years. Most of the observations which I have read
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Brighton ; Surtem-Gei.eMl .leffcoat, SurV)itou ; Dr. Johnson,
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as it were, for this characteristic sjanptom to occur. The disease
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to state that any such impression is entirely erroneous. The
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distribution of the infection. These spots after disappearing may de-
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We have received a copy of No. 4 of the Bulletin of the
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these were opinions of the new:^papers or whether they were in any way
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at a time. We may say here that the benefit of this remedy, change,
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Authors desiring reprints of their articles published In the British
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be relatively small, acciraiulating slowly in the blood imtil it explodes,
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jn'oduce the ex] )eeted result were to be explained by defective methods
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some, because the streptococcus to which it is due requires a lesion to

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