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ularly is this distinction noticeable in the manner in

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is used synonymously with “ epidemic diseases.”

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with the tetanus, and at the age of 6 years, or just

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ments, generally made of slips of linen, spread with wax or plaster, and

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substances, as hardened fieces, concretions having for their nuclei gall-

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spreading gangrenous inflammation, commencing .as a vesicle on exposed

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(1951); W. R. Bohne, St. Louis (1950); J. Albert Key, St. Louis

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terrupted vision ; a state of vision in which the continuity of an object

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CHOKE-DAMP. Carbonic acid, also called di-oaide oi carbon, or

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slight sclerosis. Seven had moderate sclerosis with

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3. Urine, incontinence of. The involuntary flow of the urine out of

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[CASTO'REUM] (naaTopiov, castor, from naaTiop, the beaver).

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illness, one should do something to minimize it. One

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Heart disease, pain in, 151 ; disease, pregnancy and, 76.

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which has nevertheless been used medicinally. See Antiarin.

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/our, and corresponding with the Greek tetra, as in ^jjacfn-locular, four-

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sulphate of magnesia, as obtained from a concentrated solution of bitteni.

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Pelletier thinks it is some combination of morphia, in which this sub-

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disease and the patient as a witness. In history tak-

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and leave it extiav.asated under the skin ; spoken of the small arteries).

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ject. Certainly not a majority but certainly a great many

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affection. The term Secondary has been applied to Pneumonia when

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Upon motion, duly seconded, it was voted that a tele-

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short one, and by a short fast I mean one extending

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defect. The patient has lost the ability to write as well as to speak. |

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of the organic bases that are derivatives of nitrogen and hydrogen.

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in the familiar territory of labor problems and em-

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