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mater was, upon the whole, paler and less vascular than we often find it in

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blished, went on to blindness notwithstanding enucleation. There

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no afBoities with starch, but is a fibrinous substance, a '^ dealka-

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of a reddish brown colour, and had evidently been lodged originally in the

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allowed to escape; after this the canula also is removed, and the woman is

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An acute inflammation of one of these sinuses, called

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it ; although the experience of Prof. Donders seems to show the

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Large quantities of gas may be formed in the stomach or

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constant arrivals of sick transports and other infected vessels from the seat of war,

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and 9 females. Of the fourth grade, confirmed and continued drunkards,

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pressure, just as one would have an automobile over-

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biped. With feathers like a duck or fur like a seal or

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olize) fats or sugars or carbohydrates may be larger

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second, petit mal; the last, Jacksonian epilepsy. Attacks

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ment of cases so arising by the peasantry. It is hardly neces-

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many errors, while it is extremely galling and inconvenient to

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aged seventy -four, under the care of Mr. Hutchinson and Dr. Hughlings Jackson,

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Acceptance for mailing at special rate of postage provided

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selves may shrink for fear of evil consequences. Thus it is, our patient is

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could not fiskil to suggest itself, particularly as it was observed that

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of the operations and mode of treatment employed by certain practitioners in

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particularly interested. Yet many a specialist enjoys

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of leucine, acicular crystals of tyrosine, fusiform crystals of creatinine

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the same treatment, must necessarily lead to the most mischievous practical

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and fin^ centimetr^ firom the pylorus were two perforations oppo-

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ganic disease of any part of the body which will obstruct the venous circulation,

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19. Fitzgerald, P. J., Foote, F. W„ and Hill, R. F.:

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mon solutions of continuity. In this way we explain the success obtained by

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essentially the representative and the acknowledged leader of

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stimulus that muscular contractions are excited by a current too weak to be

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women who before marriage never had anything of the kind

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presence of MM. Yelpeau and Cloquet. At the moment of tightening the

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Hkv. I.— 1. Fecnndity, Fertility, Sterility, and Allied Topics. By J.

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vessels, giving the tumour a purple hue and- a highly congested

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rial Hospital. Desires association in general prac-

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n^nt aox miasmes qui se degagent des marais avoisinant la ville,

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chemists; and we hope that the brief abstract we have given of M. Mandl's

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these drugs serviceable in pulmonary inflammations,but it tends also

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charter membership is still intact and even grateful.

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tion advocated by sanitarians and architects today.

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