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treatment alone, one failed too rapidly for any treatment to be of

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The treatment of the recent injury must be based on general surgical

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ought not to lose a moment in using preventive mea-

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Medical Education shall consist of nine members, to

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would be its proper scope and aim ? Lastly, what would

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the legs, where it last appears. The skin in the femoral triangle rarely shows

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tinued use, this effect is not produced. There is a

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tablets." {Brit. Med. Journ., Vol. II for 1898, page 273.)

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7. Kneeland, Y. Jr., and Smetana, H. F. : Current Broncho-

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portion of Rule Two requiring the applicant to have reached his majority.

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tumor is more likely to be sarcomatous than carcinomatous. Sarcoma

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my hand to touch it. I divided the red, shiny and tense scrotum, &e., ,

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medical profession benefits the public health. If this plan, upon which

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We do not deem it necessary to make any further re-

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additional loss of blood : the sufferer from the gonorrhoeal variety-

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the whole there is reason to suspect that the virus in all cases enters the

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showing, that he was not permitted to do anything for the boy without

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Use a lotion of Alum or Boracic Acid — an ounce to a pint of

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In fractures he dwells with earnestness on the necessity of exact

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mer — i n the early morning than in the evening."

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were not more than two thirds of the members present, con-

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seventeen and thirty-five years; it is rare in young children, though GorRart

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Before death there was a marked decline of temperature.

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occurring in paroxysms. Apoplexy with convulsion ot

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' Read at the meetiug of the Rocky Mountain Interstate Mediciil Association,

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stenosis of both bronchi is indistinguishable from stenosis of

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next year. He would proceed without notes and give such

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