Phenergan 50 Mg

of the deltoid, should be made of a starch-paste dressing, leather, or
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phenergan 50 mg
vascularity has wide ranges ; the cells at certain spots in the liver often dis-
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of the upper, middle, and lower one-third. The cause is usually direct
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Fatal cases usually terminate within two or three days, while the aver-
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there is the slightest difficulty in respiration, the difficulty being limited
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condition, the radius breaks in the upper one-third, while the ulna
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Women and Children, New York State School for Training Nnrses, Charily
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ature. Again, it occurs among those who are addicted to the use of alco-
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lowish crusts, often more or less scaly. Clinically it may be differen-
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modified form of measles ; by others as a modified form of scarlet fever;
promethazine gangrene
methods are improved, the cause of the disease will be determined. It

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