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production of undergraduates. But there is one function that

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framing a prognosis. Such parts of his knowledge as he can thus

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thelium. In the viscera, the essential lesions also

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increase in the heart rate (from 132 per minute to 264 per minute).

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of our era it increased there, and, probably following

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with as high an endemic index as M. funesta. (3) P. cinereus:

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forms of uterine disease being given as the most frequent determining causes of

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the most certain means of avoiding chronic nephritis.

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With such facts as these before us it becomes apparent that in making an ex-

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preserved milk. The penalties for infringement of the law

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but he must act as a public-spirited citizen, without fear of any-

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p. xlii; p.lxi; p. Ixv; p Ixix; p. Ixxiii.— Zareiiiba (W.)

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attempts at determining whether this part has been at

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although one night four grains had tobe administered . Turpentine enemata,

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ties designed for the creation of the race, and the happi-

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places were fused into large atheromatous tracts. No cal-

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over thin ice. The least jar, as from operation, anaesthetic, purgation,

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to the ground shortly before noon at Burlington, December 2.

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separation by water, and was turned of a slight crimson tint by ammonia.

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table decomposition occurs just as abundantly, that are free from

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anatomical research, we find that the indurated nodules, which on palpation

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* Anaiomie descriptive tt dissection. Par le Dr. J. A. Fort, profes-

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to cold precipitates an attack of acute nephritis or aggravates an already

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of the symptoms of continued obstruction. Indeed a pharyn-

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with the violets, then move it away and put it with the greens.

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uncommon in pathology; namely, tbe persistence of tbe

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meanour. For any act done by a registered medical practitioner contrary to

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point of view that the latter disease may exist especially in alcoholic

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Directions for the Clinical Sfudi/ and Diagnosis of Disease. A Guide for

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manifestly connected. They all occurred in young females

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A good instance of the self-purification of streams resulted from

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mortality was reckoned at only 3 pro mille, the total deaths from smallpox

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for. He had, however, seen short-circuiting done, not altogether

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ligament, upon the pelvis brim, or within the pelvis

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age of twenty-one he decided to try the fortunes of a sailor, his

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