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examined the noses and throats of scarlet fever patients on admission.

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over the tonsils, and had reached the veil of the palate; they were of

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tize animals to milk, and to a second injection of paranuclein itself.

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J „ . p Is.- 11 • rri • ' peral peritonitis of a suspicious type, which

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will cough up pieces of false membrane which had formed in the ^^^^ -

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one case alone, a case on which I operated but a short time

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case of the powerful semimembranosus and gracilis magnus muscles, the flexor

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second part of the volume treats of bleeding, and change of type ;

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ease. When the pain of incipient whitlow first excites a pa-

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impregnated with conium or opium, may be inhaled. I have known the

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ing less virulent because so many of our forbears have had the

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therapeutics, knowledge rapidly advances. A lecturer has,

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origins of lymphatic vessels. To this connection, moreover, they attri-

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'gree to which mortality is influenced by improper uietiiods of

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Toe-to-hand transplantation is now being done on hun-

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some color is lent to it by the fact that a gentleman in the audience who

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incomplete character of the paralysis is another peculiar

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year or two and had grown quite thin, though I had not

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held in the position desired by extension and contra-extension exercised

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Fracture of neck of femur. Austral. M. J., Melbourne,

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ering one result of an infection a cause of another result — probably

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there is scarcely a step of it, from the dilatation of the os tinea?

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fore a carbuncle came on the back of her head, just

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its fundus. This was removed with some difficulty by the blunt

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solids, and Crotalus confluentus Say gave 370 milligrammes of liquid and

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