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and differential counts, so that the results were not convincing. But

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use; while vaginal extirpation of the uterus, although ac-

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nest men ! These gentlemen used no buttons on their foils. Thrusts were

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is laid on the fact that jaundice is a very inconstant symptom,

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tant of those belonging to the clinical history of the disease. Pain in the

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interests of all the schools concerned. The public interest in the

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23; 4.1.— Bresler. Zur as.sociirten Deviation der Angen

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tion of heat and light. The electric light is produced by bringing

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The peculiar colour and form of the eruption, and the development of

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in the absence of information which the census ought to

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represent the quintessence of the Gothic spirit in France. See further comment and illustration

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It sbo\YS what good access can be got by this operation in malignant disease of

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for some clear skin between the closely set macules over the

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when the bacilli of these diseases are disseminated freely, it is not unusual

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and the fingers were involved as follows : Thumb, 3 cases ; index,

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arterial system, especially the uterine arterial system,

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have recurred in the back, down the thighs, and in the pelvis so severely that she is hardly

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sputum in a doubtful case failed to show the presence

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temperature 104*^ to 107° F., and running a course of two or

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Cholera in the East and the possibility of its reaching

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The wonderful power of the ronstilution in compensating for

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given for per centum and per mille solutions and mixtures,

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occupant ; and this, if he be the builder thereof, is more than likely to be

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angle of the lower jaw ; in its lower part this incision must not extend beyond

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tus. It will doubtless be conceded that ligamentous union,

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ever, when dressing one morning, a small, hard, painful, and

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to these five volunteers without administering enteral

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a distinct mass could be felt lying on the front of the femur. The joint

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