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his commission. This was not adopted for the same reason.
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peated hourly, according to the symptoms and its effect.
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York, and the interesting work on this subject by Dr. Flick, of Phila-
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No doubt the Madison Avenue fops who correograph these
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the same force, applied upon the dorsum and causing overflexion. One
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quantitative decrease of the red blood-corpuscles and haemoglobin.
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peared on Ijoth sides. For about three Aveeks it remained quite away,
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of dealing with early tuberculous affection of the upper or lower
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climates can be used, but high altitudes have advantages against
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red color ; the coloring principle, which is a chromogen, is formed by
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cabinet treatment, persistently carried out, is most valuable in arrest-
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division. The operation has given good results, especially in the cases of
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vomited. There is also a third class of patients whose appetite is
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those teaching or studying operative surgery. It is not intended to be
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to remove abnormal nerve signs. When a normal body weight has
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On admission, October 19, 1895, eyes very prominent. (" Three
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the kidney may be more or less destroyed, and the common forms of
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of abnormality, as distinguished from variations within the normal,
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rainfall, number of days clear, partly cloudy, cloudy and rainy, and the
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And if you’ve misplaced or forgotten your secret code,
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-\ to make an exploratory incision. This discovered that the tumor occupied
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included under this caption, and those that should be relegated else-
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some patients Lower dosages are recommended tor the
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Case XIX. — Mai-ried woman, act. twenty-seven years, entered
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In considering the effects of altitude, Williams does not forget a most
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tuberculous patients without its having been previously treated by
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is the last resting-place of the remains, but even that statement needs
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1919, 80, No. 4, p. 363) found the blood urea never over 1.94 per
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changeable character of the various forms of tubercular disease which
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4. Robert Koch ; Die Aetiologie der Tuberkulose. Berliner klinische Woclien-
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patients should not read exciting literature. Quiet entertainments,
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Frequently, also, mouth-breathing in children, and sometimes in
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culosis. Pennsj^lvania Medical Journal, December, 1899.
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The Republic, owing to its lofty mountains, has three climates.
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At the moment of administration the mixture is to be well shaken,
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Slg. — One teaspoonful three or four times a day.
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the process of breaking down or of granulation tissue containing
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ample, four times in twenty-four hours, and for several days in
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ing insoluble the poisons, and the latter for the pur^^ose of decom-
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excess of acidity in the stomach by a dose of sodium bicarbonate. — Thera-
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