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to a large right empyema. Next evening temperature rose to

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benign character have all been successful, both as regards the recovery of

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opinion is sufficient to prove that an external examination does not always

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Richardson, M. D., late Assistant Physician in the Hospital, Blackwell's

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tinguished, namely external and internal. A clinical

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ever, sleepiness is induced, and, according to Eskridge, the cases most

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The recent advances in diagnosis and pathology have not failed to

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localized dropsy, I may be permitted to derive from a case I

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Caruol, who was present with the cabinet and diplo-

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treated by median laparotomy. Both recovered, [a.b.c]

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imperfections with which this book is chargeable, and for

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91 Die Behandlung der Mlttelohreiterung. J. Hollnger.

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chives of Medical and Surgical Science,*' is discontinued. It has been

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been allowed to conflict with the proper requirements of the place as a

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comfortable quarters. Apply flannels wrung out of hot

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diagnosis by their physical characters, we arc strongly inclined

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profoundly poisoned fluid suddenly arrests those processes which dispose

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It has proven itself to be highly useful in rendering operations,

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charge in gonorrhoea and leucorrhoea, and to arrest in-

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medical literature, his work on Tumors being published in his seventy-seventh

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me satisfactory results. I sometimes unite it with other medicines. A

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have an imaginary boundary line separating them below the basis of

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there were reports of adverse neurologic events temporally

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their mucous membrane may be ecchymosed. Sometimes the pleurae contain

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the " drummers ** of the quacks there resident, has become

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.Life with partial distension of the lungs. — It is not necessary that the whole

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and is toxic to rabbits. Hemozoin is the black pigment

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learn to fit him for his destination, whatever that may be.

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tious product, is a secretion of the liver, that besides act-

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ing that the old raagnetizers had considered it highly impor-

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January 31st. — General health good. Time of syphilitic in-

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nate at least once an hour during the night. By day his

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Captain Walter D. McCaw, assistant surgeon, is relieved

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or less marked oligsemia (chloransemia) may make their

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is invaded and weakened, and other functional derangements connected

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