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vous organization are very marked. With the one excep-

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1733, and spreading so fatally as almost to depopulate the country.

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courses of lectures are given on special subjects, and regular clinics are held in the

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three years. In Lovett's Case VII, a footling, the left

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from decomposing organic matters that has been most uni-

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1 Quoted by Oser, Die Deutsche Kiinik, 1901, v, 151.

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and X-ray journals, that many of them know nothing of the past

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On fruit and sugar vessels the conditions for the development of Stegomyia are

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tion by a microbe not necessarily dangerous to the host,

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of much study and experience of the subject, and of one whose

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and intestines, the sympathetic acts in connection with this nerve.

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tory of diphtheria which cannot be satisfactorily accounted for upon this theory ?

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allowed to take lunch, afternoon tea, dinner as usual. No purgative

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examination by the rectum, a hard mass was discovered, somewhat yielding to

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we have come out of this war with the lowest annual death rate of any army that ever

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for thirty minutes or more, then an Ointment Compound of two parts Sul-

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conduct wrongful, when it is, is that the physician has not been

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uterine, and more particularly in the case of the internal

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curred several times, and also slight bleeding from the nose. Coughing,

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anterior horns is altered by atrophy of the fine nerve-fibres and by pro-

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attracted their attention was the pathological con-

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reproduction. It is more than likely that this means of conveyance has

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has long been recognized that increasing age enhances

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pictorial beauty, compactness and cheapness these books surpass any

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time an accumulation of pyrocatechin should occur in the blood, the condi-

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Vesalius to permit those I have named to stand on his level They

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horses, but is not so rapid, convenient, or effective as the

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what he calls the resilient pulsations of sound, to

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wrote without more difficulty thnn would be expected from using the left

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diseases of various kinds, and of various lethality, varies

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pages. Illus. Price $2.00, cloth. Philadelphia; John C. Wins-

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