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more common than in others. The disease seems to be infectious during
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suffering assail, from time to time, with an ill-defined periodicity, in
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ing cholera which had not been made public. As after
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which is torn away by the sufferer as often as it reforms,
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the Queen. The Court was attended by Dr. Arthur Farre.
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result of their evaporation for procuring common salt, found by
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Cases of precocious menstruation are very rare, but whenever we
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your kind invitation in an appropriate manner, but more
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paratively large doses are given. Other factors are the age and condition
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are characteristic diseases of tropical climates ; but for the first malaria,
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century to the present time) : Modern medicine. — This
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Mrs. M. They bad all an eruption on the skin, the appearance of which
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will assume the position of Fig. 2, where the right bone
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of Bologna. The place was famous for its beauty, and for contain-
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abdominal examination alone has failed to reveal it. He recommends
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inoculation was largely practised, the disease was severe. The rate of moi*-
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epileptic fit It is most useful wht^re the disease has not continued long,
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that the organized medical profession should by such
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asis linguae. The digestion, notwithstanding the enormous quantities
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patients fare after any operation of importance, but unfortunately many
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bring the elasticity of the band into play, and so ensure that the edge of the dress-
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of phthisis, of pneumonia, of pleurisy, of emphysema, and of valvular lesions.
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*j heo hapab tpejea 20 elne lancne 21 fcelan on pinjpep
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point in Dr. Johnston's paper in which an improvement might be
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atiization was complete in fifteen days. — U Union M^di-
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Tlie following resolutions, adopted by the Sheboygan County Medical
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that accident are more common than you might suppose.
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part of his customers might receive K.'s milk and the next day it
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written by me on that subject and published so long ago
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through the patient's bed, and form a pool on the floor of the

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