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university professors — particularly professors of his-

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is met with in certain septic and toxic diseases (septicaemia and

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is promethazine with codeine a schedule 2 drug

any treatment, nine years ago. Her recovery does not coincide

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soap, hot water, and nail-brush, before the corrosive

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a dark tumour, resembling blood-clot, about the size of an

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evidence of the swing of the pendulum from the supposed perfection of

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Biit. M. J.. Lond., 1899. i. 776-780.— B u nee (P. D.) The

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largely biological. The details of handling must be based upon an

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genic processes, to discover the crypts and use such treatment as will

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and feet, and was perfectly restored in a few days to his usual health.

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Yellow Fever. — The report of a case of yellow fever in

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dent, as you see, that these sjiaces were not distinct

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under the Direction of the Committee on Pharmacopeia of the

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cases of aneurism of the ascending aorta, pain was present over the

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evacuation of its contents, together, probably, witli that of a

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quinine, Dr. Beddoe has followed the plan whenever he has had

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affected with. Apoplectic hypertonia (Bechterew). Bech-

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ALLOPATHIC TREATMENT. The remedy for scabies, itch, is Sul-

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ought to be sufficient. Always take in consideration this awful danger.

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hence has to crawl up the trunk of the tree to deposit her eggs.

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advice of the civil surgeon. One lady has already of-

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wasted, health undermined ; perilous habits, such as those of

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294 Proceedings of Suffolk District Medical Society. [September 7,

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,,J bv local t,.xic action assist in forming the membrane U>elf V rther

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« Cit : I'oussaint, Arch, de Physiologic normale et pathologique,

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respectable and intelligent audience. The lectures of his last course were

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was bathed in cold perspiration ; and on the following day he

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many persons involved in health care to a basic reality that

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elongation of the hood and its adherence to the walls

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that he has seen some eases of the so-called syphilitic ulceration of the rectum

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does not unite with eosin when the latter is added to a methylene

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and pigmentation of the skin, are directly dependent in a large measure

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can i take promethazine dm while pregnant

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