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examining the contents, I found it composed of omentum and intestine,

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attachment, in our consciousness, of either pleasure or pain to an

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Case of Hydrogen Disulphide in the Urine .... Kolipinski . . 379

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change of expression. This appearance, however, was only momentary :

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If disease be located in the cerebellum, paralysis of the eye-muscles can

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resources. This is illustrated in a striking manner by a

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year. A foreign writer now in this country groans over

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early studies, but this was not observed when infants

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specimens were shown by M. Vallix, at the Soci6t6 M6dicale des H6pitaux

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opening speech of the Vice-Chancellor and courteous treat-

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intervals, but nearly all of these patients live out of the

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berately exhibited to the Society as tubercle of the lung.

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cularly the ground floors, must be frequently swept

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in the mere practice for speed in writing. Even if a

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the abscess, but contract until they become obliterated, or close

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law, and may involve those concerned in the removal in a serious responsi-

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Genera. — The Argasidas are divided into four genera : Argas,

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that the first menstruation is likely to be profuse.

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Fig. 84. Regular intermitting pulse with groups of four pulses (after Wenkebach).

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generally observed to follow them ; and in the other, it serves

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employes is reviewing all but routine claims, which then are presented

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dential address was interesting but rambling. He began by

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tions, and says that there seems to be defective contractile

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most useful data for the physician and surgeon, includ-

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2. It is the most effective remedy for the clearing of trachomatous pannus,

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the plate. Thus the distortion is in part corrected. The criticism

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throughout its whole extent in the cord. After section

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most wholly on a diet of fish and rice, and drink tea to

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