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and Cabot) the counts ranged from 10,000 to 36,200. The higher
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history and previous knowledge of the case aflbrded by the
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general feeling of confusion. He was perfectly hopeless
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One or other, if not all, of these symptoms will commonly be
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later vomiting is set up, and the offending substance is expelled.
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be distinctly felt over and above the crepitation of the
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and in spite of the frequency of diphtheria carriers
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While the case is in hospital the usual history notes,
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nervous diseases, 14 per cent, only had had syphilis. The time at which the
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The department pursued a vigorous training program. Chief, Operations Section,
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dred and ninety eiil)ic centimeters were tiltert'd in each instance.
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these requirements, and in ways not easily understood in other sections.
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••■r a week, when a hlood euluire showed ihe preseiue of SlrrpV,, 'n,HS
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tro-intestinal disturbances, or the general congestion of
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Mr. Robson, in reply, said that he could fairly have
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Excepting paralysis from kakke it is the most frequent
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disease. I have already pointed out that progressive decay of bodily and
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In the study of wound infection,. and of immunity, one
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cluded in planning for supplies to arrive at the designated place
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tendance of the Thomsonians in this state is earrkestly
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of medicine could scarcely hope to equal, and was enough in
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the day following the onset of the palsy. In all the others there
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The little ])atient had always been delicate, nervous,
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is reached ; then dissection should be carried on by the
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toms, and thfl fatal results, might have been delayed by the judicious
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posed that the clergy should diversify theology and its special
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Siu AvSoHnni IS, in L'lTpfit. faulty, sUw-p fmuip an* an? (■iiijiirii-iiL,
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ness, to suggest that the patient has been rendered hypersensitive to

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