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legal and medical authorities, turns rather upon the signification of words

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Idiosyncrasies in regard to susceptibility to the drug are

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The addition of salts alters the tone of the colouration produced by the

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this view of its causation appears most reasonable, and

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through his influence, was granted to Mr. Bullock, of London,

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revue, that nothing shall appear in our pages unbecoming the

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viceable to apply friction to the surface of the body, by

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readily controlled, but the patient suddenly collapsed and died.

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i ■ . \ it 01 u "ii jeroua membrane , where it exhibits a

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and, strange to say, alternated apparently with a similarly transient

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left to their own individual resources against epidemic

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The test of value for any surgical i)rocedure was: 1.

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general cluiracters of wliich, qua housing, were known.

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Research Center, Box 65, 1924 Alcoa Highway, Knoxville 37920.

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there was but little prospect of it, and fearing from the position of the

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legion as well. The idea is essentially to prevent these very skilled

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briefly noticed in relation to the instrumentality of each in conveying

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education and ex parte statements, that it is extremely difficult to form

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pressions. Hence it follows as a necessary inference that

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Belden or Corticelli, size D, is rolled up in a wad and swallowed.

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to wander through the body, while a universal uneasi-

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and causing among those who were predisposed to it the specific epidemic

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members, with instructions to report to the legislative

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of either of these gases with air which, if respired, would suffice to destroy

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light covering of linen. After I had applied one or two strips

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nephritis or chronic diffuse nephritis. Such a diagnosis seems to be war-

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broken f agment of malleolus excised, and the joint thor-

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here adverted to, the affected surface becomes early covered with a thin,

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investment for them, as well as us. And if we bequeath it

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At times, the artist has to venture amid a bevy of the beautiful creatures at

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diet. Having been so much benefited by Pepsin, she would naturally fly to the Pep-

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ject in view — namely, to keep them free from gon-

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