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weeks. (Lechaptois, par M. Deneux, Bssai sur les ruptures de la Matrice, p.
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by consanguinity. The cancers were 6 of stomach, 2 liver, 2 hand, 3 ear,
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prevention of that fatal exhaustion which accompanies it by the
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Recovery from this condition may be expected. The indications are to
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case occurred, I saw, with Dr. Nairn, of Elora, a case when in
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change into those of intra-peritoneal pelvic abscess.
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cultivated in the East and West Indies (Nat. Ord. Legu-
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The number of these rejections has of late been without
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ally by cutting through one-half of the cord, or the posterior columns and posterior
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and handle 6 inches long. A brake is arranged in the cogs.
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gliano (E.) La diagnosi diretta dell infezioue tifolde.
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This condition was soon followed by tight shutting of
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its histology and upon its location and possible effects by pressure.
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The physical signs in the thorax are usually positive. Bronchial
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diaquea typhoidiques, leurs consequences immediates, pro-
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erally remove all diflSculty in diagnosis. And the further
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thing is all right. A copy of the inspector's score card relating to
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" Licet omnibus licet etiiim milii, dignitaten oritfinate the honours of the profession,
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Dr. Ashhurst, of Philadelphia, sums up the vague doctrines
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This, he said, is smaller than the tubercle bacillus, be-
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The dose injected into these pigeons was rather large, but was
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the faeces accumulate in them, become offensive, and the more fluid
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pushing out the teeth, that was influenced by the direction of the force exerted.
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phlegmonenx provoques par Tecorce de yarou.
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the uterine wall. Before the time of quickening, as a
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ies, he was able to maintain nitrogenous equilibrium. The replacement
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have added the qualifying expression, " plerumque," after
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the smallest stimulus with a maximum development of power.
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the two factors which largely determine the character of
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the characteristic of this epidemic, the great fatality among the
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pathogens, though highly developed, are far from satisfactory. In

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