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1. Wolfe S. Armstrong D, Louria D: Salmonellosis in patients
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Dr. Herringham's Gases of Diphtheritic Paralysis. 83
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drainage from the fistula appeared feculent. A barium enema
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65-110 mg/dl). Despite fluid supplements, electrolyte re-
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continuation of the drug. Transient headache, itch-
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prevent and reverse fatal dysrhythmias in patients with acute
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joint and to osteophytic growths attached to the dorsal sur-
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not by any possibility ; so precision in the employment of
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I 18.2 ± 15.3 mmHg. The distribution of MAP among the
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1882 Baekee, Peedeeick Chaeles,M.D., Surgeon-Major,
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work entitled De V Intervention Ghirurgicale dans les Affec-
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12. Prasquier R. Taradash MR. Botinick EM, Shames DM,
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planation suggesting the possibility of other less severe
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geon, relieved from duty at Fort Sill, Ind. Ter., and
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g Holmes' Surgery, Vol. 4, p. 367, London, Art. Dis.
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which I am a part, has a very broad mandate in this area. We
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For information or course brochure: Write or phone NYU Post-Graduate Medical School,
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in the community hospital with a 14-bed medical special care
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previous moment, while the blood was flowing freely into the
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1977, federal legislation was enacted permitting Medi-
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The program featured panelists who discussed professional
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student how he would follow up his patient with essential
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2. In response to numerous daily questions concerning
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Ricketts 18 found four survivors. This was attributed to
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Team. The expense of a dedicated specially equipped mobile
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or two said they had felt its bite, the majority were agreed that it was
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(cxv.) Hewson here justly notices the difference in corpuscles of the
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found that it is practically impossible to get young larvae of A. maculatus,
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sonnel and equipment, failure of community support, traffic
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observation. A dilated condition of the emissary veins con-
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(Ml-myocardial infarction, COPD-chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Vent. F ib.- ventricu I ar fibrillation,
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agent control. We have developed excellent methods of
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highest figure ever recorded. Nevertheless, it falls short of the 86-7 per
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mitted to a coronary care unit in the usual way. 8 ’ 9 Early
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monoplegia with sub-cortical disease (J. Hughlings Jackson) 134
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in the lungs, dilated bronchi, lungs compressed by pleuritic
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Over the next 24 hours the patient developed respiratory
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to eight-fold increase in the risk of developing endometrial
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Identification and Mechanisms of Action. Houston, Texas. The

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