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lical course and defervesces suddenly. The course of the fever due to

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monary inflammation being accurately followed and recorded from

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and sent through the mail. If an interval of only forty-eight hours

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and feeding them with food sprinkled freely with cholera dejections, none but

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cil —Mr Van Huskirk, Stratford ; Dr. Fee, Kingston : Dr. Robillard,

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except for the immediate members. By far the majority do not

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extreme cutaneous hypersesthesia is another common symptom ; the patient,

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fresh herb of this plant, mixed with water, is good for sore eyes.

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repeating the same dose a few hours later, and the remaining 8 or 10 grains

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ing the Exposition as better than that produced near at hand.

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Lehman Hutton in Clayton, reported on his MSMF direct-

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don, Va. ; George Taylor, Md. j John G. Gaenslen, Va. j George Hammond, Md. ;

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in the occiput, even though not spontaneously complained of ; and,

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regimen. The choice of agent, however, seems to be less

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pulverized drugs. Sugar of milk is frequently added, on

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a huntlred years ago. These represented not only respectable

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because there had been none, but to stimulate the action of the kid-

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redness is much less severe than in the rheumatic form ;

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sensitive nature of the above described cutaneous reactions are

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ing less virulent because so many of our forbears have had the

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the right leg on the body with pressure over McBurney's

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In 1723 Dr. Jurin recorded 17,151 cases of small-pox, among which the

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and a hard pulse, and are mainly produced through the impression made on

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tracted from the seeds, and which is poisonous in an extreme

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its importance to the fact that the depression of the freezing-point

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with a coil of intestine adherent to it. Both ovaries were

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encapsulated. The surrounding vessels, which may be increased in

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endeavored, however, to do this, but could not succeed. After con-

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even those chronic cases which have persisted for months may recover

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The limb is to be surrounded with aseptic cotton batting, from

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ning expenses of the school. It is therefore especially

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or action, transpiration from the skin is said to be diminished to

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Db. Evans : I extend an invitation to you to come to La Crosse.

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anterior medullary columns, or by means of the marginal fibres and cells ftre more directly

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another case of severe vomiting the patient had taken

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described by Eppinger, who gave it the specific name of "asteroides" and

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