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ulcers ; and vinegar mixed again with the salt, «luch had been boiled in vinegar as

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caustic drugs, but without benefit. In addition to the

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within his reach to get a larger volume of water from the Lee ;

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ing and purging, with pain in the stomach. The skin is drenched

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in treating of the origins and causes of disease. In these closing pages.

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whole economy ; a specific poison which produces various organic and

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3. The firmness of the coagulum is an important matter, and

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structure of the uterus that it was for a moment feared that a portion of that

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more than one of mjr own friends, and of late years the growing

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to dismiss his postchaise at Doncaster and proceed in a stage-coach,

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tation of all the cavities are these : the vessels receiving blood from

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Percentage and partnership early prospects. Contact Paul

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general shght inflammation, or limited tracts of inflammation.

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work, thoroughly up to date, with cuts and X-ray photographs

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" Obituary Notice of Dr. Laurens Hull," by Dr. C. M.

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In the three years since the appearance of the third

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tive mortality from puerperal fever of primiparse and multiparse,

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is the great increase of large monoculear pial or connective-tissue cells which

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The Care of the Baby. A Manual for Mothers and Nurses. Containing Practical

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exaniitle -vvliere the hairs are phicked from the scalp, from the brows,

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that may be due to the want of harmony in the action of

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The President remarked that a similar case was presented

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»nto a condition of complete stupor and insensibility, followed later by alternating delir-

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1806. Teeth and Hairs found in the right Ovarium, 181

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hand in the vagina, for three hours. The labor con-

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to know Avhat is actually true about something or other. It is not

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loosening of the kidney and the ligature of the pedicle may be

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trees favours the increase of the disease. Xoel (8) believes also

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a most terrible and melancholy affection it often proves to be.

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terminus of the centripetal fibres carried in the utero-

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