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and Valentiner both observed an absolute increase of fat in the course
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More recently Kobinson 80 has pointed out that a certain number of
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symptoms and felt better than he had for years. He has been six months
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mother and two brothers were feebleminded, developed pellagra in 1899 in A,
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stasis, the case assumes gravity. The presence of pain during the
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coronary arteries, which was so contracted as scarcely to admit the
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free access as to form unventilated hollows, in which those with
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tion. The thymus gland has been used in one case of twenty years'
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diastolic 90. The urine on March 27, showed a very large trace of albumin, with
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of grave nephritis several litres of fluid were withdrawn every
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short and stunted, as but little further growth takes place after the
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tion of the walls of the veins and not an initial coagulation of the
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hour specimen of urine was examined for the presence of acetone, for
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heimer's Handbuch der Biochemie, Jena, 1910, iii, 271.
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or of the base of the brain; (2) the form of grave paralysis, causing
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sphygmometers, and sphygmomanometers. Recently Dr. George
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ness of the absorption ratio, it was felt to be important to establish
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of the skin, formed part of a widely distributed ectasia, and was asso-
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dren instead of twenty-two, and in the second instance at least 158
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tubercular deposit helped to determine rupture of the duct as ;i con-
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diminishes in amount in the blood as other acids increase, except when
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liable to beriberi than the Europeans ; but the comparative immunity of
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In the text certain conclusions are drawn relative to the concentration
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fifteen to forty-five there is an increasing number in each succeeding
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is more serious than mere palpitation, however violent and distinct;

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