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patients consisted of all 348 enrollees between the ages of 1 8

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Wm. E. Mickle^ Adjutant-General and Chief of Staff.

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Sir, — Will yon kindly permit me space for a few re-

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difficult to describe characterizes septicemia. A permanent offensive

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could only be made after her death; and if not disproved by medical

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the valerianates, ergotin (employed by Bulkley), strychnine, hyos-

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the other hand, let me make a few suggestions and short

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and B. Paratyphosus may multiply in the presence of quantities of

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with skin nodules reported as " Mycosis Fungoides terminating in Lymphatic

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the profession that we did not have good vaccine mat-

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upper border of the thyroid cartilage to the middle of the ster-

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one of these fugitive quiet times that called forth the following

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instance, the electromotor force developed between patent nickel and

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because by operation a life of despair gives way to one

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the case of a foetus contained in the abdomen of a boy, and in

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when all the coats are divided, as by a wound, and consecutive, when it

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das, one from Isili, and six were relapses. In the preced-

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which generally prevail ; aud although they are to be

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defined the indications for, and described the method

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cous membranes of the mouth and tongue sympathize with the inflam-

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into splinters and the brain mashed into a pulp. In one

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them more closely we find that only a small proportion

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of this kind ocourred in the eastern and middle states during the las!

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A hordeolum is a circumscribed, purulent inflammation of

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method applicable to the recognition and treatment of

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