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the guinea pig is not always fatal. A certain proportion of the ani-

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difficult to imagine that, in a ward containing twelve or

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Case Lā€” April 26, 1920. Wound closed since September, 1919. (See page 32.)

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then occurred, and the uterus and ovaries were removed and were found

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tlie ^mlb sweH up, become more moist and succulent, but the secretion,

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Journal of Medical Science, June, 1884) Mr. Story ex-

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geously as any other portion of the system ā€” nay, even predis-

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perfection ; there were specialists amongst them, each prac-

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negroes is 122.94 ; and among negro children under five

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tion still extending, or when the process of repair is going on, and we are deal-

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first-hand knowledge of the technique adopted by Jordan, that his

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gen i'usschweisse auf Gnind militararztlioher Beobach-

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the time of complete cessation of respiration and has

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The work of Dr. Bohm has been already referred to; Perrone,^

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lief in the portable and infectious character of the disease,

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where arm-to-arm vaccination could not be practiced..

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end union was not novel; French surgeons had so employed

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tion of the established truths and doctrines, render the present edition as fair

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throw any doubt upon the accuracy of the observations of Hohn,

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is called coma-vigil, the signiiicance of the term depending on the incon-

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suddenly unconscious^ and was found to have left-sided hemipl^ia.

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it into three parts or offices : viz., first, the preservation of health ;

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system in the numerical analysis. Solving rotation matrix is a good representation of the

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Their mean annual temperature is about 60Ā°. They contain 200 in-

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of sweeping, all tend to restore the function of the part. The

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Origin of Matrix for Inorganic Primary Calculi. ā€” (Calcium carbonate

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contractures and hemiansesthesia. He had also the gingival blue line,

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abdomen measures forty-one inches in circumference ; is very greatly and

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Sydenham expressly st'ates that the swelling of the

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tion had been so masked by general peritonitis that the diagnosis

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lowing the operation. Pulse, which under agitation from the approaching

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nutely informed upon diabetes, and upon nutrition and waste. You

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of their existence, notwithstanding the incredulity recently

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chronicity, extent of involvement, virulence, and individual factors.

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