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Secondly, there are the clinical difficulties, especially when there

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this war, the last war, or any other war, are veterans, and

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1.29 per cent., still hyaline casts. Feels much better.

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rapidly deplete its supply of glycogen. The latter is greatest in amount

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bacilli in the urine. His conclusions are : (i,) That bacteriological

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Pearce Gould writing an article strongly condemnatory of the

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<;ordance with the provisions of this Act, and the orders

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cles to the cubic millimetre, or a proportion of about

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Misce : dosis, pars sexta, tertiis vel quartis horis.

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cases in Avliich he has been told of its fuihire in the hands of others are

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to produce slight reddening of the skin if absorbed by the o^•aries

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son. Anophelince containing sporozoites were at all periods of the

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eration, which lasted for an hour, the arms were held

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importance demands. Poisoning is given a very satis-

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indications in the one case, although we, admittedly, cannot in the

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Ph.D., I'rofes-'or of Surgery aud Clinical Surgery,

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encroaching on the space is located. But at the same time it is found

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ing the thorax the lungs were found to be distended with

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company’s financial position and run this growing

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This aggregate in its most unfavorable aspect, with its 73

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In this connection a few words may also be said of the occurrence

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their rations. A new and most gratifying scene took place: —

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either in the selection of a natural climate, in the con-

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" Doctor, I expect to have this condition cured ; I have made

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grees of lateral curvature, unnatural positions of these viscera

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ply of blood to them resulting from this action. The tendency

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shall, by its native origin and intrinsic excellence, attract the general attention

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