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or suspected oysters hy a simple mode of treatment which will render them

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the resorption test, furnishing sufficient points for diagno-

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man, of Leipzig, whose recent work " Vorlesimgen t&ber

ranitidine 300 mg used for

the day, and both sets of patients thus have a purer atmosphere

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rather than attemptirtg to abolish it altogetlier. Thus

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■Mtiye conditions may be removed, causes which act by impoverishing

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death will not follow its administration. Again, it

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17. Whipple, G. H., Stone, H. B., and Bernheim, B. M., J. Exp. Med., 1914,

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the scutellum is white. In the female the palpi are much shorter than

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stirred. During this procedure great care must be exercised to avoid ignition of

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to dispute the correctness of Koch's well-known asser-

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The eggs are often more or less segmented when laid. Indeed, not infrequently

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Probably the swelling of the spleen depends, partly at least, on a

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Local Phenomena. — The inflammation usually begins in the

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the course of the aorta, and was clearly audible in the subclavian

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regarding the quantitative needs of the animal body in the case of the

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in bronchitis, in cavities of the lung especially, and sometimes in the saliva of healthy

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texture, little or no vascularity, and seldom bleed except

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tainly not to be considered safe, until two weeks have

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uniting these elements is noted. Preparations from the sympa-

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and duratiop, the increased determination of blood, and augmen-

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pupil of the eye. In the Journal des S9avans for 1677, we find the case

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rising in the morning, taste of blood in the mouth. July 8th

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In both the other cases the sudden transition from an apparently

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available from the Committee to Memorialize George E. Gifford, Jr., P.O. Box

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ease certainly did not extend into the city from the hospitals serving as

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Spotted, 1; Frozen, 1; Fracture, 1 ; Hooping Cough, 26 ; Heart Dis-

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them at all, I never fail to add caffeine, strychnine, and digitalis, for

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Thus, it appears to me that all the morbid changes, whether of structure

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of the pancreas, recently acquired, has facilitated the description of

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(vi.) Cephalic auras, such as vertigo, a swimming in the head, somnolence,

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painful. When once attacked with this disease, the animal is

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processes. In cases in which the lesions are low in the bowel

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it deprives the animal of some nourishment and engenders

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