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of that seen in myopathic disease. All muscles react to faradism.

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the part played by the scholars and physicians of Islam,

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In its issue for September 22d, the " AVorld " gave a full

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importers who faithfully try to prevent the use of such

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had anticipated great difficulty in securing the pedicle.

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never been exposed to the bite of any animal. He had been

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deaths in yellow fever were directly due to suppression of urine

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ficiency of ferment, as the subcutaneous injection of fer-

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with accompanying signs will appear and the patient will rapidly

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The hot mustard bath, begun at 100° F. and raised to

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Dundas Grant's Eustachian Self-Iiiflntor.—^\\^ is an india-rul^ber

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precision with which he performed the operation. I say this, not in any way to

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fected ships, above described, were broken open in the midst of the

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Enchondroma of the Hand. — Dr. Barton exhibited a tumour which he

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is a privilege of about half the female sex, and almost

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tress he experienced when carried most reason whatever for amputation, and that

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to protect the heart which tends to be more or less damaged by the

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make upon the case now before us, are applicable to almost

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sons of advanced age. Catarrhal inflammation of mucous membranes,

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Several muscles are provided for the partial movements that

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left eye T 8 ^, right eye J-J-. There were no signs of the disease

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other deaths attended by these women into account their active role as agents of

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the plate. Thus the distortion is in part corrected. The criticism

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The headache from which he continued to suffer on admission

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C. Identify and work with key organizations and allied health

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actions of the lens may be restored, the progress of the opacity arrested, and

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second cousins, A : C : : 4,096 : 2,048. On account

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spectrophotometrically by determining the extinction ratio, a solution

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medicine in Berlin is the Empress Frederic House of Post-

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Attempts have been made to cultivate the lepra bacilli from nasal

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vasated blood becoming shrunk by absorption of its fluid parts,

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