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..r,'|i.!i' in ,1 \rr\ ( r > . null ! i. .ii t" lu-lp l lu-iii-rh r-, i- tluir l'.J\ n-i--

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College of Surgeons, viz. : — The CoUegial Triennial Prize, con-

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was a waiter and dish-washer in a restaurant, another

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in the important arteries at the base of the brain, the branches of

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to do so. In the malignant varieties also, the relief afforded by them was very great.

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ratus and supplies, depends necessarily upon him. '

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of the lower lip had never been cured by the rays, as far as the

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or basin. It is easy to mark how much water is thus displaced, and

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stant rate, when it is recorded, and the blood pressures then taken.

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nervosa frequently preserve a remarkable appearance of

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causing pressure at the kidneys, or flatulency, yet

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nervous impulses ; to an expansion of the neuroglial cell processes

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gall-bladder stump contained several smaller stones, and in the

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"Faradism in Inertia of the Uterus." The paper was discussed

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than the latter; hence the physician's attention should be directed to the sup-

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only by title, as the time allotted for the meeting would not

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one of them rather above the junction of the upper with

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parents that another aspiration would in- necessary,

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(d) Fracture of the lower end of radius and styloid process of

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Hotel, San Francisco. Mon-Fri. 32 hrs. $440. Contact: UCSF.

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of Peru, etc. No doubt all of them are effectual, but if a patient must

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the later stages a high leukocytosis (20,000 to 60,000) of the polynuclear

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osis— III. Criterion for differential diagnosis. J Clin Pathol 1968; 2 1 :63 1-634

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the drug as stated by the author is ingenious and ought be true.

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que na praxe de 20. anno tem feito.] |Ab9tr.] Coimbra

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period, there shall be, normally, a surplus of carbon in the

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H, ed. Cyclopaedia of the Practice of Medicine; Vol. 6. Diseases

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