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assistant wh -never he performs paracentesis of the

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and I must, therefore, give details. For a long time .a movable kidney was

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of cold water. Then commence the use of the following solu-

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motion ! ($ D , will soon visit New York, &c, &c. " Many cases of Prolap-

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till at the end of two hours the only complaint made was loss of appetite ; no

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embraced in the range of its nervous circle; or with which it is

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gree by my utterance in this Society or elsewhere anything

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the board of examiners in Upper Canada, viz : that every

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the derma is thickened and lichenified, and which are the seat of a

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the Austin Institution (Texas) puts the figures at 75 per

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stimulated nitrogen retention by 15 per cent., which increased to 26

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Houser, O. J., Charlotte. X. C. Med. Coll., 1915 1st 11 1916

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to relieve the cerebral anasmia. The drug in doses of a centigram was at first

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nitrogen only as nitrates, whereas many other species grow equally

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Evening, 9.30 to 11.30 o'clock, reception at the New Y'ork Academy

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absent, and some or all may be so modified as to render the case

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week, 10 days or even a fortnight, when the stuffing is removed,

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Complications. — Fatal hemorrhages may occur at any time; pleuritis,

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to their having been bled in the above (late of the

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of a bracing climate or of a bracing day. AVhat may be the ele-

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its results on the whole may be considered more satisfactory in the last

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inches from the teeth, but their passage seemed to be arrested

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a squint, brings us to the general subject of eye-head-

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diseases ; and quotations from authors who have written on

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cardiac disorder. But unless a man is utterly unfit for

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albuminous urine, while Bartel, Purdy and others claim to have never

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